Found in Translation. A New Piece by Robert Chandler

«Our Romantic view of creativity leads us to undervalue craft,» - just one of the lines that sounded painfully familiar in the brilliant new piece by Robert Chandler, and a few more to inspire you to read it too: « A scholar or critic can choose which passages to focus on, whereas a translator has to… Continue reading Found in Translation. A New Piece by Robert Chandler

Clients and Sunsets to Remember

You live for days when you get speakers that actually care, seem to have a decent understanding how interpreting works, and are ready to jump in and reign in their over zealous and more unruly colleagues: "The problem, you see, is that while I and the rest of us are just here to listen, our… Continue reading Clients and Sunsets to Remember

Books for Terps. A Brief Overview

One weekend, more than 30 comments and at least a dozen PMs later, we finally have it... a one page list (in very small print) of books to recommend our students, beginning interpreters, and just enjoy ourselves, with subjects covering finance, history, politics, the mighty and beautiful English language, and a bit of this and… Continue reading Books for Terps. A Brief Overview

How COVID-19 is Affecting the Interpreting Profession

If you haven't seen it yet, Tony Rosado's latest post on the influence of the pandemic on our profession is just out on his blog. And even though I cannot fully subscribe to what he says about agencies - there are different agencies, after all, just as there are different clients, and I am lucky… Continue reading How COVID-19 is Affecting the Interpreting Profession

2020: A Speech Odyssey. A Brief Recap of a Fascinating Friday Evening

I definitely like taking my time, which is why it has taken me this long – almost a week actually, as I’ve just realized – to sum up my impressions from last Friday’s #AIIC talk on Automated Speech Translation, aptly title “2020: A Speech Odyssey”. But give me tea, time, and a good soundtrack, and I will… Continue reading 2020: A Speech Odyssey. A Brief Recap of a Fascinating Friday Evening

Time, CPD, and the Power of the Great Online

It is strange in a way how this whole situation – all the many restrictions and different national and regional lockdowns included – has taken so many opportunities away, and, at the same time, created new ones. The perception of time has changed too, and the understanding of what you can fit into your day.… Continue reading Time, CPD, and the Power of the Great Online

Museums in the Times of the Corona

With so many museums already closed courtesy of COVID-19, and many more about to close in the coming days, many of them are working hard to make sure their art remains available, and their collections open. Some are offering virtual tours, others - adding to their collections already available online, others still - offering online… Continue reading Museums in the Times of the Corona

Music in the Times of the Corona

With - quite predictably - more time on my hands, I decided this was the time to revive the blog, and to start sharing new content, at long last, and after several obviously not-too-successful attempts in the past. And since we're all now confined to our respective homes, I thought it would be a good… Continue reading Music in the Times of the Corona

Picking up where we left off… Almost… ITA 2017

About a year ago I decided to take a six-month long, shall we say, sabbatical of sorts, from blogging, to try and rethink my vision of this blog and its future, and what I would like to see here in terms of content and focus, and although I do realize that it’s been more than… Continue reading Picking up where we left off… Almost… ITA 2017

ITA 2016, or a few glorious days in Yerushalayim

Of about ten words I know of Hebrew, Yerushalayim shel zahav (Jerusalem of Gold) are most probably the three I've known the longest, all thanks to an old song of the same name. Given that, it's surprising it has taken me so long to finally make it to the city itself. And I'm extremely happy I went,… Continue reading ITA 2016, or a few glorious days in Yerushalayim