Clients and Sunsets to Remember

You live for days when you get speakers that actually care, seem to have a decent understanding how interpreting works, and are ready to jump in and reign in their over zealous and more unruly colleagues:

“The problem, you see, is that while I and the rest of us are just here to listen, our interpreters need to interpret you. Which is why I was wondering… Could you maybe show them some… charity… by slowing down. Just a bit. If you need more time to go through your slides, it’s not a problem. Really. 

“But we really would appreciate the chance to get your message in full. 

“And not just in English.”

Such speakers and such clients make you appreciate the relationship you have with them even more, and give you much to feel grateful for.

Good clients, like perfect sunsets, are not that hard to come by. But a good client relationship, like a good shot, takes work.

I hope you liked the one featured above.

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