Diplomatic Interpreting. An Introductory Bibliography

The idea of compiling a short list of books on Diplomatic Interpreting¬†first came shortly after this year's absolutely brilliant TerpSummit edition, but, as always, it took a while. And then social media helpfully reminded me that I'd started working on a similar list - but of books on interpreting in general - last year in… Continue reading Diplomatic Interpreting. An Introductory Bibliography

Happy Valentine’s to my Fellow Terps and Book Lovers

It's Valentine's Day. And this, too, is a love story. A story of deep and ever-growing affection for that beautiful, enigmatic, and often elusive creature, the English language, for reading in general, in all my languages, and a few I am not quite yet ready to call that, and for interpreting, a profession I am… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s to my Fellow Terps and Book Lovers