Diplomatic Interpreting. An Introductory Bibliography

The idea of compiling a short list of books on Diplomatic Interpreting first came shortly after this year’s absolutely brilliant TerpSummit edition, but, as always, it took a while.

And then social media helpfully reminded me that I’d started working on a similar list – but of books on interpreting in general – last year in time for Valentine’s – as a way of expressing my love and appreciation for this beautiful and truly unique profession – and it somehow gave me the nudge I seemed to need.

So here goes, in no particular order as of yet, the first ten that came to mind (and I guess I should get a move on and finish working on that bigger list after all):

• Translating World Affairs by Ruth A. Roland

• Interpreters as Diplomats. A Diplomatic History of the Role of Interpreters in World Politics by Ruth A. Roland

• Diplomatic and Political Interpreting Explained by Mira Kadrić, Sylvi Rennert et Christina Schäffner

• Traductologie et géopolitique by Mathieu Guidère

• Interpreters at the United Nations: A History by Jesus Baigorri-Jalón

• Protocol: The Power of Diplomacy and How to Make it Work for you by Capricia Penavic Marshall

• Memoirs of an Interpreter by A.H. Birse

• White House Interpreter. The Art of Interpretation by Harry Obst

• Essays on Conference Interpreting by James Nolan

• Framing the Interpreter – Towards a Visual Perspective by Anxo Fernández-Ocampo and Michaela Wolf

Watch this space for a more comprehensive list to be published in due course.

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