When Your Morning Commute Looks as Sleepy as You Feel

The image above is the perfect of illustration of what has become a regular commute, and one that never fails to disappoint, even though more often than not it looks just as sleepy as you feel.

These days meeting colleagues in person – and getting to spend almost an entire day with them without the need to worry about being back in the booth on time – is even more of a treat than it used to be pre-pandemic.

Which is why I am so very grateful to my region – AIIC France – for going ahead with our Regional Meeting and for bringing back the Fête des Jeunes in its in-person format. It has always been a wonderful and unique event, but now, after the two years we’ve had, it feels even more special.

Over the years this early morning commute to Paris has become a particular favourite of mine, a dear friend, comforting, grounding in a way, almost reassuring.

It’s heartening to see that at least some things don’t change.

And, no matter how often I complain about its hustle and speed, and its sometimes overbearing presence, Paris, too, is a dear friend now, one that I am always happy to see – even if only for work, – and every so often sad to bid farewell to.

A world of its own, an endless riddle, and, in this case, a chance to see dear friends and colleagues, some after a painfully long break, and give back to a community that has been nothing but supportive, and a profession that has given me so, so much.

The AIIC Fête des Jeunes, too, was a success, and it was wonderful seeing so many young colleagues – including a number of former students – and some more experienced ones, but only recently settled in France, come out and meet us, and share a beautiful afternoon together.

These moments are even more precious now, and, as such, need to be treasured, and valued, even more.

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