Slowly Getting Better

It is true that learning new things, and in our case, new languages, is always a challenge. So is translation. So is interpreting. So is life in general. But I have always found that it is this challenging part that is the most exiting. At least for me.

For it gives us adrenaline, it brings us speed and energy, makes life and work more interesting, and drives us to better ourselves.

I have also found that it takes time to turn quantity into quality, as they say in Russian, “количество в качество“. And it is important not to give up along the way. You should always remember that despite the ups and downs you are working towards your goal, and that should be worth the pain, the effort, and the challenge.

Thank you for the post.


I just wanted to share this fantastic article on language learning with you. Sometimes being in an environment where our foreign language is spoken can indeed feel like we have had some sort of “brain injury” which prevents us from understanding! How much more so when you are interpreting! And I thought that the purpose of this blog is also, as Coates says, to get better at a very difficult thing slowly, in my case interpreting.

Being a speaker of foreign languages enables us to step through the door into another world, that of a different culture and people, where everything is new and we are constantly learning. But it can also bring with it a feeling of ineptitude and inability until we become masters at the next stage in the learning process. Hopefully our angst and feelings of childishness in a foreign environment can be more than made up…

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