An Economic Outlook from the Translator’s Point of View

Good morning my fellow interpreters and translators,

news pileIt doesn’t matter if you already are, or are only planning to become an interpreter or translator (or, who knows, maybe both), you have most probably been told at least once that The Economist and The Financial Times will have to become your best friends. And believe me, this is the kind of advice you want to take seriously.

I was given this advice at the very beginning of my Interpreting and Translation studies, and have found this advice most useful.

However, what I also found was that although having two close friends, and two such distinguished friends at that, was wonderful, it was not always enough. Sometimes you need to find the exact translation of a quote, or maybe its original in a different language. Sometimes you want to check if there were any articles published on the subject you are translating, or maybe you simply want to keep up with the latest developments in the world of business and finance. And of course, you would very much like to have the information available in all your languages.

You are a translator. That’s only natural.

That is why I decided to try and compile a list of useful websites in my two main languages, English and Russian.

Needless to say, oldest friends come first:

The Economist

The Financial Times

The Wall Street Journal

And the absolute jewel, Investopedia

Now, if you were looking to go into more detail, it may be useful to start looking at the business and banking sectors on website.

Other sources of news and economic analysis in English, which I have found useful when doing translation, are the following:

If you were looking for articles in Russian, I would like to recommend the following:

The online news portal has both an English, and a Russian version.

And, finally, if you were looking for articles about the economic situation in Russia, but written in English and often from a Russian viewpoint (and it is not often that you get to see those), why not take a closer look at articles published by Russia beyond the Headlines (RBTH as well as the business section of The Moscow Times (

I hope you find this list helpful.

Please comment and share your favourite sources of news from the world of business and finance.

2 thoughts on “An Economic Outlook from the Translator’s Point of View”

  1. If someone is interested in Italian sources, here are some useful links.
    Newspapers: (main) and Borsacorriere,it (ANSA is the national associated press agency, also available in English)

    Websites: (blog) ( Italian version)

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